2016: A Fresh Start

2016: A Fresh Start

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Happy 2016!

For some of you, this has been the countdown you have waited for ALL year. That’s right. A fresh start. A do-over, if you will. Time to move forward and leave the sorrows of your old 2015 resolutions behind.

Maybe you made some achievements. All resolutions begin with the best intentions. But.. life happens and those BEST intentions easily get replaced with reality.

You didn’t plan for it. And hey, we get it- You’re busy juggling a million things while still trying to have somewhat of a social life.

That’s why we are compiling the DJCC Guide to 2016 New Years Resolutions and will be releasing the TOP 2016 Resolutions weekly throughout January.

1.) Fitness and Diet Resolution SOLUTION 2016

2.) Financial Freedom 2016

3.) Your 2016 Career Goal Checklist

4.) Learn MORE in 2016

Let’s start with that ROCKIN body you are GOING to have. Go ahead, keep the pair of jeans that have been sitting in your closet. Waiting. Because this year you WILL wear them again.

Fitness and Diet Resolution SOLUTION for 2016:

“I didn’t give much thought to staying in shape for a long time. Like a really long time. Like 10 years. My biggest regret is waiting for it to catch up with me. I made this my goal in 2015 and definitely will keep up with it going into 2016. It’s not that hard to make a change. And the benefits have become a part of my life..I will never give up. I encourage those who want to get fit in 2016 to start NOW”
-Kevin Ebeling, DJCC Member


Join a Gym! And GO!
There are many great gym options in the Dallas area that also have fitness classes. While at the gym, make it a point to at least try each class once. You may surprise yourself with Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, or Barr.

Get outside
In Dallas there are parks ALL around you. Just to name a few to get you started:

The Katy Trail:
Voted most popular, The Katy Trail is a GORGEOUS option for fresh air and a jog! Plus, this is the place to meet people and be social while being active. Check out the Katy Trail website for upcoming events like their annual 5K! http://www.katytraildallas.org

White Rock Lake:
A nature lover’s paradise while getting some exercise. The Dallas Morning News quotes “A runner’s mecca” This lake has long and short trail options. www.dallasparks.org/parks/whiterock.aspx.

2.) Incorporate Wearable Technology:

Track Your Progress: The BEST way to conquer your diet and fitness is to keep track of your progress. Just to name a few..Fitbit, Smart Watches, Fuelband,

A Fitbit is an easy activity tracker. The technology monitors wrist band where you can track your progress through an app on your mobile device. Make it fun- do a challenge! Find members from The Dallas Junior Chamber Facebook page to join in on the action.

3.) Get HIIT:

This is a type of workout that alternates intense bursts of activity and less-intense activity or complete rest. The best part, the entire workout could take 30 minutes or less. With a busy schedule, this is a must-try for 2016. #hiit

Read more: http://www.healthaim.com/new-years-resolution-2016-top-10-fitness-trends/34510#ixzz3vg33IH5U

Share YOUR personal 2016 New Year Resolution with us and get quoted in our upcoming blog!
Contact Sarah Crilley publicrelations@dallasjuniorchamber.com

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