2020 Elections Video Experience

2020 Elections Video Experience

Watch the 2020 Elections:

For immediate release: February 11, 2020

The Dallas Junior Chamber is excited to share NEW digital capabilities- and that starts with our 2020 Elections! The incoming board was invited to submit their videos to give members the flexibility to review the nominated 2020 board of Directors.

“We know how busy being a Dallas Young Professional can be and this way WE can reach our audience by giving them the nominated board experience with one click of a computer or one touch of your touch screen phone! I personally am excited to share with everyone the NEW broadcast stage I designed with my podcast studios located at Real News Communications Network and Real News PR, so I am THRILLED to share with everyone what I have been working on professionally and celebrate with my fellow DJCC members. I am also thrilled to serve in a larger capacity as the elected President this year! Honestly, being nominated as the President was shocking.. I wasn’t expecting it and cried. Really. What an honor. I can’t wait! I promise to serve you as the 2020 President with the same enthusiasm when I joined DJCC in 2015, or maybe it was 2014! It’s been a long time! Kathleen truly inspired me as she served for two years and her love for this organization was beautiful. Every President that has served before me… I have big shoes to fill! I’ll fill those shoes and promise to serve you with love, support and share everything I learn this year to make DJCC continue to grow and innovate for our great city of Dallas and organization of JCI ” -Sarah Crilley, Elected 2020 Dallas Junior Chamber President

The 2020 Board of Directors are Ready to Serve Dallas Young Professionals and are Growing Digital Capabilities for our future

A successful DJCC Board of Directors Elections were held on Thursday, February 6th at 7PM.

The digital broadcast location (Real News PR stage located at 5400 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Tower 1, Suite 420 Fourth Floor Dallas, TX 75240) allowed for a LIVE STREAMING experience for attendees to experience the elections virtually. This is the new social media TV studio broadcast location with one of our sponsors Real News PR and Real News Communications Network

“By live streaming in a professional TV studio setting- It was a great way to reach our membership and jaycee supporters in this way. I am excited to pass the Presidency torch to Sarah Crilley, she has an innovative mindset. to reach our membership and continue to grow our brand. She has grown our brand every step of the way (since 2015) as she is a PR guru through her company Real News PR. She brings everything to the table for us. DJCC has really benefited through bringing excitement through consistent live streaming social media at every event interviewing and growing our member’s confidence (even my own), podcasting before ANY other young professional organization even thought to do so, and bringing creative ideas to our organization. I am excited to see what she will bring this year as the 102nd President. I am thrilled to be the incoming Chair and offer support to our 2020 Board. We have some returning Board Members and fresh faces. They are a great mix of the new and the old”
-100nd-101st DJCC President Kathleen DeNooyer, 2020 DJCC Chair

2020 Board of Directors:
President Sarah Crilley (Joined DJCC in 2014)
EVP Robyn Lehrman (Joined DJCC in 2014)
SVP Finance Kelsey Mastin (Joined DJCC in 2017)
VP Biz Dev and Operations, Peter Rossi (Joined DJCC in 2018 transferred from Atlanta Jaycees)
VP Pro Dev, Jennifer Litchfield (Joined DJCC this year, 2020)
SVP Membership: Currently shared responsibility until further notice please email president@djcc.us for all inquiries in joining for the 2020 Board Year
VP Communications: Currently shared responsibility until further notice please email president@djcc.us for all inquiries in joining for the 2020 Board Year
VP Events, Currently shared responsibility until further notice please email president@djcc.us for all inquiries in joining for the 2020 Board Year
VP Philanthropy

Email chair@djcc.us for all DJCCnominations
All nominees considered must be a current DJCC member!

If you are interested in joining the 2020 Board please prepare a 1-2 minute speech and get ready for an amazing event to celebrate the upcoming DJCC Year! There will also be committee opportunities and event chair opportunities for this year.

For all press opportunities email SarahCrilley@realnewspr.com

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