Rachel Bonilla – Vice President of Networking

Rachel2016Rachel Bonilla was born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida. She attended the University of Tampa where she discovered her love of media.  She  joined the school radio team where she was given her own show. The opportunity led to a coveted internship at Clearchannel Radio (now Iheart media). Rachel’s enthusiasm and hard work led to a job offer there after she graduated college. After 2 years of working at Clearchannel, she decided to pursue her dream of living in NYC.  She spent a whirlwind summer interning at TheBlaze  where she was offered her dream job  as a television producer in NYC!  After two years,  she was promoted the Dana Loesch show in Dallas. Again, she had  the opportunity to move to another great American city!  She was introduced to DJCC by co-workers who had amazing things to say about it. She is now the VP of networking and very excited to continue her adventures in Dallas and at DJCC!