DJCC FIRST LOOK: Water Grill Dallas

DJCC FIRST LOOK: Water Grill Dallas

You know the saying, “Dive-in feet first”?! That is EXACTLY what we did to prepare you for this month’s DJCC Happy Hour with Water Grill Dallas. Our very own, VP of Networking Rachel Bonilla and myself, VP of Communications went to great lengths to get you amped up for February 16th– even if that meant encountering spiny lobsters and taste testing oysters to get the “full experience”. Hey- someone’s gotta do it 😉 Here’s what you can expect:

Happy Hour Specials

Classic Old Fashioned
The Harwood – vodka, fresh strawberry & lemon juice, with tarragon essence…. served over ice
Margarita Verde – Silver tequila, agave syrup, fresh lime, cucumber, basil, & jalapeño… served over ice with an ancho chile salted rim

 A Patio To Dive For

This whopping 2,000 sq ft over sized patio is PERFECT for our large networking events. “It was important to pick a place that we could have our members enjoy the patio vibe yet- stay warm! You know these Texas winter’s are unpredictable. They can be FREEZING cold or 80 degrees you just never know- so thanks to Water Grill Dallas we will stay nice and warm with their fancy patio fire places”- Rachel Bonilla, VP Networking

Our First Bite

We were THRILLED to try the famous oysters. “These…. are the freshest oysters I’ve ever tasted and the sauce they paired them with was drinkable.” -Rachel Bonilla

Water Grill Dallas has fresh seafood shipped daily to their restaurants so you can always expect the best and freshest catch any day of the week. What is exceptionally neat is they recycle the shells and display out on their patio waterfall! Their extensive menu is one that will keep you coming back for more. DID WE MENTION THE 8 POUND CRABS? This is an experience unlike any other you will find on the Dallas food scene! We can wait for you to check them out and try some of the complimentary appetizers they will be providing for the group on February 16th!

BY: Sarah Crilley, VP Communications

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