DJCC On Air Podcast Preview 2020 Season

DJCC On Air Podcast Preview 2020 Season

Since 2015, DJCC On Air has been committed to communicating with Dallas area young professionals through the new and exciting world of podcasting.
Yes, in the year 2020 we have found that majority of our members find podcasting a “new” way to communicate and they are excited about it!
This is a content platform that has built momentum over the years and it’s not slowing down! Read this article about podcasting in 2020 by
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Q: How are they listening to DJCC on Air?
“It’s all about meeting our DJCC members and new listeners where they are- picture the everyday activities you have, maybe you are in the car or at home doing other activities, working out.. listening to a podcast gives you the ability to consume quick information AND be entertained.” Sarah Crilley
How do you find DJCC ON AIR?
When you search you will notice we separated each year of DJCC on Air by season. As of 2020, we are in Season 4 which is exciting because is establishes us as a long standing show. You can find DJCC on air by searching DJCC on Air on iTunes.
Want to watch? Catch a video episode on YouTube or on our Facebook Page. Speaking of social media, what I have noticed is this makes our members informed and aware of how active our chapter is.
A No Brainer Way to Market and Communicate DJCC:

“I absolutely LOVE to provide The Dallas Junior Chamber a way to communicate with our young professionals beyond our traditional newsletter or email communication. We can dive deeper into subject matter with interviews and let our members in on conversations- especially if life has gotten busy, a member can jump right in where they left off with the DJCC. We cover it all- the buzzing of a new event, literally audio recordings from a handful of our happy hours (Happy Hour Episode:

That’s unique in itself because we broadcasted a remote show AT the bars. I love informing our listeners of ways they can get involved with a philanthropy opportunity and learn about the story of that organization. It’s rewarding and documents the DJCC journey on activities and relationships we are forming in our community. Our listener is there for the ride!” Sarah Crilley
The Future of DJCC on Air:
“Since I am the President this year I have been actively looking for ways to give my 2020 Board Members a professional development tool and I will use DJCC on Air in that form. I plan to train each board member with the skill of being a stand-in podcast host. I know a few are nervous but I will keep them positive and motivated throughout our training. I can’t wait to see them all grow through this unique experience. The truth is, anyone can host a show. It’s a conversation mixing in Q & A form. I personally look forward to adding the variety of interviewers.. not one episode will be the same and that’s exactly what the DJCC is- unique and variety experiences that GROW our young professionals. We have an exciting year ahead with keeping our podcast momentum going! Tune in to video versions found on our YouTube channel and Facebook page, as well as some of the audio only versions on iTunes.” Sarah Crilley
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DJCC On Air is broadcasted from Real News Communications Network broadcast studios in Dallas Texas.
DJCC On Air Preview for 2020:

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