How to Get “The Buzz” about your Personal and Professional Brand

How to Get “The Buzz” about your Personal and Professional Brand

The DJCC Buzz Team was brought together to promote what is happening with The Dallas Junior Chamber. Take a moment to watch the video!

Involvment with the Dallas Junior Chamber gives a young professional the perks to collaborate with others! We enjoyed opening up the conversation with our members by comparing online and offline ways to communicate as a young professional. Both are equally important in our opinion.



1. Social Media: Social Media is an essential tool for connecting The Dallas Junior Chamber with the world. We are motivated with how the chamber’s following grows in popularity. “We found you on Facebook” is a frequent starting point in conversation with new faces. High five!
So let’s break it down- shall we?
Our favorite is Facebook! (@DallasJCC) We use it for monthly Facebook Live videos, posting pictures of what is happening, and posting upcoming events on the calendar.
Note: The events portion has been KEY to determine how much interest our events gain. It allows a peak inside for attendees to hype the event and share throughout their social media pages.
Instagram (dallasjrchamber) is popular among our members. We enjoy using it and make sure to keep our page fresh with colorful and interesting pictures.
Who follows us: We notice the followers are a huge mix of businesses, young professionals, relocated members, other chapters.
  1. YouTube Channel: This is the video library of where the majority of our video content lives. We have this channel populated with creative “Who We Are” videos introducing Board members, our TV and radio appearances, Educational Workshops lead by our Membership, Behind the Scenes, Event promotional videos and more. It is so helpful to have these videos ALL in one place to live. We truly feel this has helped put our mark on the world since our YouTube channel is ranked so highly on “young professional” keywords.
  2. Podcasts: We started podcasting because there is SO much to say. This has been a “WOW” factor since we brought it on. Podcasting gives an opportunity to highlight members, lead interviews with thought leaders and brand ourselves in the community. It is our show we use as a creative outlet. Additionally we have experimented with “LIVE” remote broadcasts where we have actually held episodes at our happy hour events. This draws so much attention and is fun.




  1. “In Person” Networking: Nothing replaces that good ole face to face connection! The Dallas Junior Chamber makes networking by fun hosting monthly happy hour events. We have grown our presence in the community over the years by inviting young professionals to join us for a night of connections. As a group, we explore a fresh places each month.
  2. Business Card: Have a personal card AND your business card. It is helpful to have both- why? Every networking opportunity is different. Sometimes a personal contact may not fit with your current business but could be a essential connection for the future. We will get more into the personal brand talk later, but be ahead of the game and get that personal card going. When you meet a new connection, a business card is a professional way to keep in touch.
  3. Write a Book: Authors get noticed! Writing a book is a clever way to brand yourself as an expert! Some of our members have shared a easy way to get started is by creating a blog. “I just compiled my blogs together and Voila! Before I knew it I had a message and eventually had a book”- DJCC Member
  4. Hobbies: Connections naturally happen with like minded people connect! We have several members who have met through a sand volleyball league. This is such a fun way to expand your network! Fundraisers, Fun runs, Art shows, Poker nights or game nights of any kinds. We have found several off of
  5. Philanthropy: This is one of the pillars of our organization. Giving back to the community philanthropically builds good will and service that is irreplaceable. Making a difference and connecting along the way is what The Dallas Junior Chamber is ALL about.
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