Johnny Sides

David Brown Small

We are very excited to celebrate the 65th Johnny Sides Rookie of the Year Award Gala™.  Each year we celebrate the excellence and dedication to service found within the rookie classes of the Dallas Police Department by awarding the DPD Rookie of the Year Award.

Officer Johnny Sides

December 12, 1928 – February 7, 1951

We honor the memory of Officer Johnny Sides, who was a Dallas Police Officer and DJCC Member. Just twenty-one days after graduating fifth in his class at the Dallas Police Academy, Officer Sides was fatally wounded when he and his partner confronted a band of criminals wanted for vicious crimes in four states. Even as he fought for his life from his hospital bed, Officer Sides positively identified all four men involved in the shooting. Although an officer for too brief a time, Officer Sides has inspired countless police officers and citizens with his dedication, leadership, caring and sacrifice. It is in his memory that the DJCC has recognized the Dallas Police Department’s Rookie of the Year since 1952.

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