Key Mindset Changes You Need for 2018, Speaker Heath Oakes

Key Mindset Changes You Need for 2018, Speaker Heath Oakes

“This talk was 10 years in the making. I have 4 points to share. These are big decisions that helped determine my mindset today”

Heath Oakes began his talk pointing out his “redneck” southern drawl. “Bet ya’ll didn’t expect me to dress like this and sound like that. Hey, if I say a word that is not a word or pronounced incorrectly you get my book” Heath admitted that he does not speak for a living, he promised to give a talk that he gives his own team. Not only did we pay very close attention to each and every word that came out of Heath’s mouth, we enjoyed the humor that came along with his exceptionally great talk.

Success encompasses a lot of things. Heath gave his perspective on success and shared his inspiring journey with us. He has built businesses from scratch and was the youngest executive with Colonial Life insurance. He is an author of the book, Ignorance on Fire. “I have never over thought things. It has taken a long time for me. This has been a 10-year journey in the making. Success does not happen overnight. Mindset will get you there.” Heath shared with us.

Key Mindset Changes You Need for 2018

1. “Life isn’t fair” is a mindset you NEED to change!
Heath says, “Mindset. I personally shifted my mindset from “Life isn’t fair” to “I am thankful that life isn’t fair” We have all had that pity party. We battle it daily. Figure out a way, no matter what. Remember things happen in life that may not seem fair, but find a way to look on the bright side no matter what the life circumstances may be.

2. “It’s not my fault” is a mindset you NEED to change!
Heath says, “Take accountability. You have control over your destiny. Stop blaming others for your path.”

3. “It’s too hard” is a mindset you NEED to change!
Heath says again, take accountability. “Stop making excuse. You are capable of anything! Excuses are for people who don’t want it bad enough.”

4. “They have a secret to success” is a mindset you NEED to change!
It’s not about having time to figure out ways to make your life improve, it’s making the time. Heath says “Success doesn’t happen overnight. Success takes time!”

A special thanks to Heath Oakes for speaking to us at our Membership Meeting. We will take your advice and focus on our mindset to make 2018 the best year yet for the DJCC! To find out more about Heath Oakes, check out his book on Amazon.

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