Networking is about Building Relationships

Networking is about Building Relationships

As with many young professionals in DFW, I was a transplant to the area and didn’t really know many people outside of work. As I was looking for networking opportunities, I first stumbled across DJCC on facebook. I remember the DJCC was previously mentioned to me by a friend so I decided to check it out. That is what made me join initially but it’s the relationships that have developed are what keeps me going with DJCC.

Once I attended my first meeting and happy hour…I WAS HOOKED!!! I knew I had definitely found my new home. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful and it extends beyond DJCC events.

I have witnessed people make career changing connections as well as gain valuable business leads and build awesome friendships at the same time…that’s the power of networking and DJCC excels at that.

The people of the organization welcome you as a personal friend, often inviting you to hang out or participate in personal adventures. That speaks to the level of awesomeness of the group. The group has been so helpful to my growth when it comes to speaking publicly to large groups of strangers and also to randomly engage strangers at the many events. Those attributes are extremely helpful personally and professionally.

“Networking is all about building relationships to develop professional and social contacts and exchange information.”

Cedric Gavin, DJCC Board Member, Senior Logistics Analyst, PepsiCo

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