State Fair of Texas – Top Picks for 20 and 30 Year-olds

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State Fair of Texas – Top Picks for 20 and 30 Year-olds

Howdy y’all! It is officially State Fair of Texas time, which means it’s time to put your boots ON, button your flannels UP, and visit Fair Park after work! It’s across the board when it comes to excitement on the fairgrounds. That’s why I have geared The Top Picks for young adults visiting The State Fair of Texas. Firstly, I recommend going to the fair during the week (if you can). Not only do they offer great deals on food (Thrifty Thursdays), deals on admission, it’s also far less busy. Who wouldn’t want that? You can see all the discounts hereThe Dallas Junior Chamber is THE destination for area young professionals. There will be a Fun at the State Fair Meet-Up on October 14th starting at 6PM at The Porch behind Big Tex!


Space Roller ride

Start off with Action- Visit The Midway!

Top Ride picks: The Sling Shot, The SkyScraper and the Ferris Wheel. Midway is where the action is! They might as well call it the THRILL-way. Rides vary from scariest, wildest and thrilling.  I decided on the Space Roller. This is the ONLY ride of its kind in the United States and is from Europe. It holds up to 30 people at a time that experience being flipped upside down and spun. It is sure to give you a boost of energy (or put your face in the trash can).

Stiffler's Concessions Butterbeer

The wizarding world drops us the famous Butterbeer drink inspired from the Harry Potter books- and it is all the rage. It’s a butterscotch flavored cream soda with wine-based rum (topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with a powdered butter glaze *drool*). Even if you’re a muggle you’ll love this drink. The woman behind the drink- Tammy Stiffler- wants you all to know wands are not required (although highly encouraged). While you’re there nerding out, you might want to grab some Poké Snacks for the road.

Fernie’s – The Porch

Kik's Crafted Cocktails and Fernie's Hard Soda

The Porch has an authentic feel of sitting on a porch in the country. Time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy fairgrounds –  It is the perfect spot to sit, relax, and enjoy the fair. A relaxing little place and fun people watching! We bring live music from 7pm-10pm on the weekends.

“The Porch inspired us to give fair goers something other to drink than beer and wine. So, we created a juicy line of wine-based cocktails called Kik’s Crafted Cocktails. This has been a HIT! And this year we decided to bring hard sodas” Christi Erpillo of Fernie’s Funnel Cakes said, “We created a cotton candy cocktail that tastes like liquid cotton candy with a kick!” says CFO “Chief Frying Officer” of Fernie’s, Christi Erpillo.


Trio on the Green

Walking up to hammock chairs, patio furniture, many different options for beer, and delicious snacks, Trio on the Green is a place I wanted to stay at all day. They offer an edible cup of cola (yes, the Mark Cuban company edible cup) and some of the best twisted tater tots I have ever eaten. From the bites and flights, to the feeling of being in a backyard in Austin, you can’t go wrong with this spot to chill.

Walk through the Wine Garden

The umbrellas hanging from a string of lights gives this location a double-take. Take a stroll through the Wine Garden for tastings! You will experience featured wines, unique sounds like a harpist, sound stages craft beer. This is a MUST for date night or “girls night”. Just show up- the Wine Garden will do the rest 😉

Texas Craft Beer Garden

Speaking of gardens, let’s go to the Texas Craft Beer Garden for the ultimate location for Beer! Take a seat in the adirondack chairs, sip on craft beer, and watch some of the fair action.
*Other beer havens are all over the fair and some even have cornhole and life-sized Jenga.

Is it getting “hot in herre?!”

I know, everyone’s inner teen is SO EXCITED that Nelly is going to be on the Chevrolet Main Stage on Saturday, October 15th. The Chevrolet Main Stage is my next top place to visit.During the week, they have regional bands and musicians play, and each weekend they have headliners. Some other headliners for the remainder of the fair are Le Freak, The Quebe Sisters, Colton Dixon, Skillet, and La Energia Nortena. On another note, The Dr. Pepper Stage also has different acts throughout the 24 day span of the fair. I got to see the A Cappella group, Six Appeal, singing “I Will Survive” Did I miss your favorite spot? Let me know! Email me your Top Spots!



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